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ѧ 17 ͹ Ҥ ..2560 15:55:36
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25 ͹ Ҿѹ ..2560 17:24:58
Hay. He’s cautious and always on guard.
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Դ繷 9
ѹ 27 ͹ Ҿѹ ..2560 04:05:31
ay. I’d just as soon stay home, I’m tired.
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Դ繷 10
ء 3 ͹ չҤ ..2560 07:18:40
I know how you feel. When she knew him more, he grew on her.
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Դ繷 11
ء 3 ͹ չҤ ..2560 16:13:22
Oh dear! I have to say I am quite obsessed with making lists. Lists help me stay organized sooo much! And having a calendar I can write on also helps out. Great tips! Especially for bloggers.
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That's my boy! https://vk.com/wall394439642_50 He made fun of her German accent.

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ѧ 28 ͹ չҤ ..2560 05:25:55
It took me 5 minutes to size up that man.
Damn it!
Just gone crazy or something. At weekend Lisa is going to visit her grandparents.
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Դ繷 14
8 ͹ ¹ ..2560 00:08:52
The party was dull until someone broke the ice with a joke and we all laughed. http://forum.belaruspoker.by/topic/36923/
Suit yourself.

Just gone crazy or something. Let's go to the cinema!
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